Women Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Women are everywhere in the healthcare industry...


Women make 80% of healthcare purchase decisions.

Women represent
70-80% of healthcare industry workforce.

except at the top.


Yet are only 13% of healthcare CEOs


And receive just 1.9% of venture capital funds

Ignite Health is on a mission to increase women leading, innovating and investing in the future of healthcare!

Ignite Health's Programs

Golden Ticket Competition

It’s not just a pitch competition! Ignite Health’s Golden Ticket Competitions are designed to introduce entrepreneurs to Ignite Health’s community of industry experts, investors, and advisors. Entrepreneurs will learn by broadening their industry exposure and gain insights from expert feedback. Winners will receive a Golden Ticket to participate in Ignite Health’s Annual Accelerator.

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Annual Accelerator for Women-Led Digital Health & Med Device Startups

Ignite Health’s Annual Accelerator Program is for women leading digital health and med device startups. Selected companies are partnered with senior leaders from prominent healthcare companies that represent their customers as well as leading health tech/med device investors to gain deep insights, build relationships, and learn how best to navigate the successful growth of their companies. This is a contact intensive program with several opportunities to interact with industry experts, investors, and advisors.

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Igniting Knowledge Educational Programs

The Igniting Knowledge Educational Programs address the industry’s most relevant and significant topics in intimate settings with subject matter experts. These sessions are designed to inspire conversation and action, expand professional proficiencies and advance members to their next level of influence. A mix of in-person and online programs optimize engagement while retaining Ignite Health’s signature value of building relationships.  

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