Golden Ticket

Opportunity for female founders to get in the game.
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Golden Ticket Competition

Ignite’s Golden Ticket Competitions are programs held in various cities to activate and engage local ecosystems to inspire and support women leading transformation in healthcare.

These programs bring together area healthcare organizations, investors, academic organizations and accelerators to support and spotlight women solving industry problems and especially those working in areas not traditionally explored by others – women’s health being at the top of the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply for the Golden Ticket?

Applying for the Golden Ticket offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Early Exposure: Gain early exposure and introductions to Ignite’s extensive community, including potential customers, investors, advisors, and alumni founders.
  • Accelerator Program Gateway: The Golden Ticket serves as a doorway into Ignite Health’s Annual Accelerator Program.
  • Waived Application Fee: The $125 application fee for Ignite’s Annual Accelerator Program is waived for Golden Ticket applicants.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Golden Ticket applicants automatically enter the screening process for the Annual Accelerator Program, providing increased exposure to the Screening Committee Members.
  • Expert Feedback: Those selected to pitch receive valuable feedback from expert Judges during the Golden Pitch Competition, along with opportunities to interact with other program experts.
  • Top 3 Recognition: The top 3 startups, determined by Judges’ scores at the Golden Ticket Competition, win The Golden Ticket, granting immediate entry into Ignite’s Accelerator Program. Additionally, they receive a 50% discount off the program’s participation fee.

What does Ignite’s Accelerator Program entail?

Ignite’s Accelerator Program is a dynamic hybrid experience spanning 6-8 weeks, blending virtual sessions with a culminating in-person event, The Fire Pitch Competition, usually held in early November in Houston, Texas. Key Features:

  • Community Hub Access: Entrepreneurs are invited to join Ignite’s Community Hub, fostering continuous engagement, information sharing, and participant conversations.
  • Mentorship Matching: Selected entrepreneurs are paired with mentors, including Customer and Investor Partners. Each entrepreneur benefits from three guided assessment and advisement meetings.
  • Comprehensive Learning Sessions: Workshops led by industry experts cover diverse topics such as government grants, FDA regulatory strategy, fundraising challenges, presentation skills, and insights from alumni. These Learning Sessions provide access to experts, opportunities to hear from Ignite’s alumni, and ongoing discussions via the Community Hub.
  • Office Hours: Participants can access office hours with members of our national network of expert advisors.
  • Semi-Final Pitch Competition: The virtual program concludes with a semi-final pitch competition. A panel of 10 or more leaders in our customer, investor, and advisor network judges these rounds, providing valuable individual feedback to each entrepreneur.
  • Finalist Program: Finalists are eligible to participate in the Finalist Program, including 1:1 mentoring sessions to prepare for The Fire Pitch Competition.
  • In-Person Event: All cohort members are invited to attend The Fire Pitch Competition in Houston, Texas. This event includes facility tours, office hours, and networking opportunities with industry experts.

What sets Ignite’s annual accelerator apart?

Ignite Health’s Annual Accelerator is not just a program; it’s a commitment to empowering and advancing women in healthcare innovation

  • Exclusive Focus on Women-Led Healthcare Companies: Our unwavering focus is on discovering, connecting, and accelerating women-led healthcare companies. Guided by women leaders with profound industry expertise, Ignite is committed to fostering networks that empower and uplift.
  • Dedication to Diversity: We actively seek to amplify minority women’s voices, contributing to a more inclusive and representative healthcare landscape.
  • Robust Advisor Community: Our advisor community boasts depth and diversity, enriched by collaboration with renowned organizations at the Texas Medical Center, Pegasus Park, and a vast network of healthcare experts, consultancies, and law firms nationwide.
  • Nationwide Investor Network: Ignite Health’s influence extends across the nation, connecting entrepreneurs with a diverse range of investors.
  • Comprehensive Mentorship Programs: Ignite cultivates meaningful relationships through mentorship programs, starting with dedicated Customer and Investor Partners. This creates a secure space for entrepreneurs to seek advice and ask questions, fostering a supportive environment.
  • Engaging Community Beyond the Program: Our community is more than just a program; it’s an ongoing partnership. Beyond the accelerator, participants actively engage, connect with alumni, and contribute to the collective growth of the community.

Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, participation in Ignite’s Programs involves two fees:

  • Application Fee: There is a $125 fee to apply for Ignite’s Annual Accelerator Program. However, this fee is waived for participants in the Golden Ticket Competition.
  • Program Fee: For startups selected to partake in Ignite Health’s Annual Accelerator, there is a Program Fee of $2,000. These funds contribute to the ongoing development and enrichment of program content crucial for the success of women leading healthcare startups.