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Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket Competitions serve as an entry point into our community of leading healthcare entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and advisors. With typically 8 startups selected for these programs, founders benefit from the connections made with community members, feedback from participating industry expert advisors, investors, and judges. Founders placing first, second, and third place in the pitch competition are awarded free entry into Ignite’s accelerator program – The Golden Ticket!

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Ignite Accelerator

Since launching in 2019, Ignite’s accelerator program has quickly become a valuable experience for founders enabling them to connect with a new community of experts, leaders, investors seeking novel solutions for the industry’s challenges. Ignite’s unique program offers founders ways to engage more deeply with their potential customers and investors while also surrounding they with advisors from legal, regulatory, marketing and communications, executive coaching and other expertise for more intimate knowledge sharing sessions.

Ignite Alumnae

logo koda health

Tatiana Fofanova

PhD, CEO, KODA Health

Koda Health provides organizations with the capacity to support patients in planning their medical care through digital, legal advance directives that easily integrate within your organizational workflow.

HERA Biotech Logo

Somer Baburek

MBA, CEO, HERA Biotech
Hera is developing the first non-surgical, molecular diagnostic test for endometriosis, which is an estimated $9B market. Endometriosis is the #1 cause of female infertility, is as prevalent as diabetes but there is no, non-surgical test available and there are no approved drugs to treat it.