Healthcare Accelerator

Gain access to a powerful community with the capital, resources and know-how you need to grow.

Mentor Program

Founders are matched with a curated group of mentors representing their potential customers and investors who help them navigate the challenges they face in building.

Virtual Learning Sessions

Sessions that bring together industry experts with small groups of founders for a more personalized experience. Founders meet executives, advisors, investors, and leaders from national regulatory and funding sources to learn, ask situation-specific questions, and build connections.

Flash Mentoring

Quick speed-dating style sessions provide introductions for founders to experts who provide significant value to the growth of their companies.

Virtual Semi-Final Pitch Rounds

Founders pitch in panels to a group of industry experts, investors, and advisors who provide valuable feedback and expand the awareness of their startup within these groups. The judges’ scores are used to identify who will be invited to pitch at the Fire Pitch Competition.

The Ignite Community

Ignite’s healthcare accelerator has created a platform where its community of founders, industry experts and investors can easily remain in contact, share information, and participate in other Ignite programs.

Fire Pitch Competition

Brings together Ignite’s Community to hear pitches from the top founders in each year’s accelerator program. Selected startups have opportunities to win pilot, investment, and services prizes.

Healthcare Accelerator applications will open June 13, 2024!

Programs Fire Pitch

The Fire Pitch Competition

The highest-achieving startups from each Healthcare Accelerator Program receive an invitation to pitch live in Houston, Texas.

This opportunity will foster deeper connections among these startups
and allow them to engage with Ignite’s network of industry experts.
During these presentations, the startups will compete for pilot
opportunities, investment awards, and valuable in-kind benefits
generously offered by prominent healthcare organizations and investors.

Fire Pitch 2024 dates to be announced

Healthcare Accelerator Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

  • A female founder, co-founder or C-suite executive with ownership in the company.
  • A digital healthcare start-up or medical device company that meets an unmet healthcare need.
  • A track record of achievement: funding (grants, investments) clients (pilots, revenue).
  • A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) /Device (indicate design freeze).
  • A scalable business model.
  • A capable management team with domain expertise.
  • A plausible exit within 5-7 years.

Why should I apply?

  • Expert Network: Connect with healthcare innovators, executives, investors, and advisors.
  • Alumni Community: Join a growing network of Ignite Health alumni for ongoing support.
  • Learning Opportunities: Engage with mentors, learning sessions, and pitch competition judges to build industry connections.
  • Success Track Record: Benefit from high success rates in securing investments and pilot programs.
  • Virtual Accessibility: Participate in a primarily virtual program via Igniting Connections platform.
  • Live Pitch Opportunities: Pitch live in Houston, Texas, for a chance to win pilot prizes and investments.
  • Accelerator Structure: A focused 6-8 week program concluding with an in-person Fire Pitch Competition.
  • Community Hub: Stay connected through Ignite’s Community Hub for updates and participant conversations.
  • Tailored Mentorship: Receive guided assessments and advisement from matched Customer and Investor Partners.
  • Learning Sessions: Attend diverse workshops led by industry experts on relevant topics.
  • Office Hours: Access expert advisors through scheduled office hours.
  • Pitch Preparation: Get valuable feedback from judges, with finalists participating in a dedicated program.
  • Finalist Experience: Attend The Fire Pitch Competition, tour innovation facilities, and connect with industry experts.

What sets Ignite's annual Healthcare Accelerator apart?

Ignite’s Healthcare Accelerator Program stands out for several reasons:

  • Exclusive Focus on Women-Led Healthcare Companies: We are dedicated to discovering, connecting, and accelerating healthcare ventures led by women. Our leadership comprises experienced women with deep industry expertise and extensive networks.
  • Dedication to Minority Women: We actively seek and support minority women, fostering diversity within our community.
  • Robust Advisor Community: Our advisor network extends beyond industry experts to include world-class organizations at the Texas Medical Center, Pegasus Park, and a vast network of healthcare professionals, consultancies, and law firms nationwide.
  • National Investor Network: Our investor network spans the nation, offering diverse opportunities for funding and partnerships.
  • Comprehensive Mentorship Programs: From Customer and Investor Partners to various mentorship programs, we create a secure space for entrepreneurs to seek guidance and expert advice.
  • Enduring Community Engagement: Beyond the program, our community remains active, fostering ongoing connections, engaging participants, and building lasting partnerships with alumni.

Are there participation fees?

Yes, there are two fees associated with Ignite’s Programs:

  • Application Fee: A $125 fee is required for the Ignite Annual Accelerator Program application. This fee is waived for Golden Ticket Competition participants.
  • Program Fee: All selected startups participating in Ignite Health’s Annual Accelerator are required to pay a $1,500 Program Fee. These funds contribute to the ongoing development of essential program content crucial for the success of women leading healthcare startups.